the top cigar brands to stock

Having a small but carefully selected range ensures maximum profit for minimal outlay in the cigar category.

Cigar smokers are, more often than not, traditionalists who are loyal to their preferred brand. If you don’t stock it, or have run out of stock, they are likely to choose another shop that does stock it for their overall convenience purchasing.

You already know what your local customers repeat purchase. But if your shop attracts a lot of passing trade then stocking the general bestsellers ensures that you will have an option for them to buy without having to invest in a large range. 

The brands below are listed according to % Value sales. The top ten brands account for 86% of all Value sales and 89% of all Volume sales.

No.1: Signature Blue

No.2: Hamlet

No.3: Classic

No.4: Henri Wintermans
Half Corona

No.5: Hamlet Miniatures

No.6: Moments Blue

No.7: Signature

No.8: RD Miniatures

No.9: Signature Red Filter

No.10: RD Miniatures Blue


Using a planogram is essential to not only maximise your profit per shelf, but also to help your staff remember where products are to be found when dealing with customers. If you want further advice on how to maximise your sales please book a visit from one of our trade reps who will be happy to advise you.